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About this event:

Created by Lisa Haskell


Let’s go paddle! I don’t know where yet, but we’ve got water and more rain coming so I’m padding somewhere on Saturday June 2, 2018. This will be a mostly class II/II+ trip with the possibility of one or two III/IV  that can be portaged. In the interest of full disclosure I plan on paddling something that does not run all the time or that I don’t paddle often. This means the trip will be somewhat exploratory in nature. It may be something that I have not run before or that I have only run once or twice several years ago. Rivers being considered include (but are not limited to): Coosawatee River, Fightingtown Creek and theTesnatee. If for some reason the water levels on the exploratory trips are above what I am comfortable with then we will revert back to something that is run more regularly like the Upper Hooch. The final decision on which river to paddle will be made on Friday. If you are interested in joining me, please contact me via phone, text or email. My phone number is 678-858-2012 and my email address is