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GCA is a 100% volunteer-driven organization. This website is maintained by a committee of GCA club members. We welcome suggestions, creative criticism and new ideas. If you have feedback for us, additional questions about the club and its activities, or are a member and would like to contribute your time and get involved in the operation of the club, send email to the appropriate recipient who you can select on the contact form below. A list of our officers and key volunteers is just below for your reference.

If you are already a GCA member but paid offline using the mail in form or at an event, you will need to be manually added to the website user system. To do that please contact

If you have a family membership and need to add a family member as a user we must also do that manually. To do that please contact

President Jay Davis
Vice-President Jenny Taylor
Secretary Michael Thompson
Treasurer Vincent Payne
Training/Safety Chair Jim Tebbel / Jimmy Jones
Newsletter EditorThe Eddy Line Tammy Lea
Cruisemaster James Wright
Circulation Manager Allen Hedden
Webmaster Stephen Walker

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